Exit West by Mohsin Hamid – Book Review

You know, those of us who leave our homes in the morning and expect to find them there when we go back - it's hard for us to understand what the experience of a refugee might be like ~ Naomi Shihab Nye  In an unnamed country (in the Middle East mostly), Saeed and Nadia are… Continue reading Exit West by Mohsin Hamid – Book Review


Hotel by Arthur Hailey – Book Review

(3.5/5) "No. I wish to cancel that order and place another”. “Yes Ma’am.” When we generally say this in the hotels and restaurants and promptly another dish is served (or not served for whatever reasons) do we ever sit back and wonder what goes on behind the scenes? Sometimes we perhaps do, but what we… Continue reading Hotel by Arthur Hailey – Book Review


Broken – A Short Story

(Source) (TW: Graphic description of violence) (Earlier published here: http://www.womensweb.in/2017/06/abusive-marriage/) A morose emptiness was spreading over her. The red and black stains were staring right back. She was trying to gather all the fractured things that were scattered in her living room when the blackness gathered around her and she sat down. The couch creaked a… Continue reading Broken – A Short Story