I Cannot Laugh Anymore

Vijayalakshmi Harish takes heart away, yet again.

Womxn Of Political Writing

i cannot laugh anymore.
it feels dangerous, forbidden.
i fear that if i start laughing,
i won’t stop.
that it will become a swirling
uncontrollable tornado
wiping off everything in its path.
i’m certain,
my mirth will channel my despair
my inner ruin, my brokenness,
my hopelessness,
till everyone points at me
and calls me mad.
and then they will lock me away,
throw away the keys,
and my laughter, mingling with my tears,
will bounce off the walls.
in unending cycles,
even as everything around me
continues crumbling and breaking,
till all that is left, is the sound of that laughter.
i cannot laugh anymore.
i dare not.

Vijayalakshmi Harish

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