Building common libraries (A series) – In which I speak about Bookgasms

These days our bookshelf worries have become manifold. One, because common libraries and all that, two, we do not seem to be able to stop hoarding – it is getting seriously dangerous by the day. Therefore, each day as we reach our offices, our colleagues give us weird, judge-y looks & we simply nod and smile and try to look very normal. We then speculate as to whether we really are overdoing it, sit and think, exchange messages admonishing each other to stop this at least somewhere, add another book and say, “hey listen, enough for this month, do this next month now” and then – falling for it yet again because “hey, offer tha, ek hi reh gaya tha.” The cycle simply repeats. However, nothing brings us joy like books and hence we remind ourselves to regret less and revel more. Especially when we get hold of books such as these – stories of our childhood, full of charming illustrations, colorful pictures, glossy pages, handsome hardcovers. In the picture we have,

  1. The Beatrix Potter Treasury that contains ten of Beatrix Potter’s most popular tales including Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Jemimah Puddle-Duck, Tom Kitten, a Fierce Bad Rabbit and more. The tales trace the life of Beatrix Potter from her first publication in of The Tale of Peter Rabbit 1902 to her later tales set around her farm, Hill Top. It also contains details about her life as and when the tales came into existence.IMG_20190311_234706
  2. The Arthur Rackham Fairy Book that comprises of a collection of twenty-two of the best-known fairy tales from the Arabian Nights, Perrault, Hans Christian Andersen, and other sources. Even if you have read, and enjoyed these before, the unique illustrations of Rackham make it a novel, enchanting experience.IMG_20190311_234729
  3. 18 Days: The Mahabharata Volume 3 – Battle for the Ages – This is the Vol. 3. A re-imagining of the great eastern myth, the Mahabharata, that tells the story of three generations of super-warriors, meeting for the final battle of their age, this has been written and illustrated by a group of acclaimed artists and writers. This particular volume focuses on the battle taking place on the fields of Kurukshetra, as warriors from both sides prove their names worthy of legend.IMG_20190311_232900
  4. On an illustrations group on Facebook, we saw a vintage book of one of our favorite fantasies – the one with potent sorcerers, djinns in bottles, bewitching princesses, malicious antiheros – Stories from the Arabian Nights. Retold by Naomi Lewis and illustrated by Anton Pieck, this one makes for a gorgeous collectible.

Sigh! It is almost like a bookgasm now. We bought more ahem… but those for another day, lest we lose control.


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