A Feminist Tea Mug Story

I was introduced to Keya Shah and her The Doodle Soup by Amrita and Urja when they gifted me a library stamp of my name with a Stark direwolf. That stamp is one of my most loved possessions. For the longest time now, I was looking for a perfect mug for myself because without tea,… Continue reading A Feminist Tea Mug Story


Last week in films I watched

I have had an amazing week film-wise. Got very little time for reading because I have slightly changed my routine. But I fixed that thing up. So reading shall be back on track too. But owing to my new routine I got time to watch some really brilliant flicks. Dennis Villenueve's Enemy was an astounding… Continue reading Last week in films I watched

Tangerine – A Short Movie Review

Watched 'Tangerine' because of a friend's recommendation. It gives us a glimpse of the lives of transgender sex workers. Initially I thought it was pretty slow. But just like Baker's The Florida Project, it hit the nerve at the end. The story starts with transwoman Sin-dee Rella and her transwoman bestie Alexandra talking in a… Continue reading Tangerine – A Short Movie Review

Carthick’s Unfairy Tales by T. F. Carthick

(4/5) - Recommended for sure 'I have always found men more fascinating than mice'.... Thus starts Carthick's first Unfairy Tale, "Of Mice and Horses". Moving far away from the age-old clich├ęs, Carthick's Unfairy Tales present a fresh, alternate and intriguing take on 7 different fairy tales - Cinderella, The Frog Prince, Goldilocks, The Pied Piper,… Continue reading Carthick’s Unfairy Tales by T. F. Carthick

A Post on Solitude

When I was little, I was coaxed to venture out and make friends. I made friends. Played outdoors. Muddied myself. Got scolded often. Was great at flaunting myself. At making myself visible. I loved limelight. I did not overdo it. But I wasn't a silent kid either. My personality bordered on extroversion. Then unfortunate things… Continue reading A Post on Solitude

Lorkum’s Quest by A. R. Sara – Book Review

I read A. R. Sara's blogs regularly. I might not always comment on them but I do read and wonder how beautifully she weaves her stories around mundane observations. A cat and a dog. A crow. A sparrow. The language and the sequences are imaginative most of the times and they make for a very… Continue reading Lorkum’s Quest by A. R. Sara – Book Review

Her Story – A YouTube Web Series

I keep talking for LGBTQ and how feminism is all-inclusive and how any human should be able to identify with whatever gender they feel comfortable with and that genders can never be binary and that genders and genitals (sex/reproductive organs) have to be kept exclusive of each other and I am absolutely ashamed to admit… Continue reading Her Story – A YouTube Web Series